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06/08/2020 - Home

JobKeeper 2 design Changed

JobKeeper 2.0, starts 28th September, the design has changed slightly as of 7th August

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04/08/2020 - Home

Victoria Lockdown and Bookkeepers

Victoria has entered business lockdown. What does that mean for Bookkeepers? for payroll? for jobkeeper?

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27/07/2020 - Home

SGC and BAS Agents the Reality

ICB & ABN join together to explain the reality about BAS Agents and the SGC legislative Instrument

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21/07/2020 - Home

ICB Summarises the JK Changes

A Bookkeepers summary and impacts of the changes to JobKeeper announced today

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21/07/2020 - Home

JobKeeper change at end of Sept.

Government has announced changes to JobKeeper that start AFTER the end of September

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20/07/2020 - Home

Fair Work updated Pay Tools

The new minimum wages!

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19/07/2020 - Home

JK Finalistion for ChildCare

JK Payments has finished for ChildCare sector. ICB explains the bookkeeping to Finalise JK

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19/07/2020 - Home

Webinars Rebuilding COVID-19

ICB embark on a series of Webinars bewtween now and October to assist members and their businesses journey through and beyond this COVID-19 era

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17/07/2020 - Home

Still waiting for CFB or JK

What to do if you have escalated your enquiry with the ATO and you still haven’t heard from them…

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17/07/2020 - Home

ATO phone lines open on weekends

The ATO has opened their Agent-dedicated phone lines on the weekends.

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