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29/03/2017 - Home

HR Contracts - How to Escape

We have heard of members with clients who have signed up with an HR firm for an exorbitant amount and for lengthy terms with an alleged “no exit clause” and “no cooling off period”.

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23/03/2017 - Home

Workforce Guardian Offer

Workforce Guardian - If you're unsure whether the contracts you've paid good money for are fully-compliant, we're here to help.

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22/02/2017 - Home

Choose Your Words Carefully

Too many companies fail to make their website relevant through using all-about-me, jargon-laden content that turns away potential customers.

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13/02/2017 - Home

Auskeys on Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you need make changes to your browser to continue to use your AUSkey.

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10/02/2017 - Home

ASBEFO Inquiry into Payment Times

An inquiry investigating payment times and practices in Australia is in full swing with preliminary findings confirming that big businesses and some governments are taking longer than ever to pay small businesses.

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03/02/2017 - Home

ATO computers not on their way back

ATO advises that their systems, portals and website wont be back online and reliable very quickly

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31/01/2017 - Home

Criminal Activity Targeting AUSkeys

Identity Protection and Response worked together with our communications team to publish the below article to the Tax professionals newsroom on yesterday.

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24/01/2017 - Home

December 2016 ATO System Outage

A letter from the ATO regards the December 2016 ATO System Outage.

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24/01/2017 - Home

Upcoming Portal Maintenance

Upcoming BAS Agent Portal Maintenance

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09/01/2017 - Home

A new year and a new beginning

The holidays are over but with so much of summer still left, ICBenefits is going to help you achieve some of those new year resolutions!

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