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25/05/2016 - Home

SuperStream Update

More than 450,000 small businesses (65% of total population) have implemented SuperStream.

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24/05/2016 - Home

Last Chance to Register

Last Chance to Register - June End of Year Workshops

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24/05/2016 - Home

ATO advises extensions

Once our portals are back online, you can complete your lodgment work by Monday 30 May 2016

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19/05/2016 - Home

ATO Promoting Bookkeepers

ATO Website actively promoting business should consider engaging Bookkeepers

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16/05/2016 - Home

Reckon HR Advice Online Webinar

Reckon HR Advice Online Webinar

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11/05/2016 - Home

Emails hacked was it you

If you rely on Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you may want to take a minute now and change the password.

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05/05/2016 - Home

Simpler BAS - The Real Story

GST reporting should always have been one choice - GST or NOT

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03/05/2016 - Home

Budget for Bookkeepers 2016

Announcement of budget doesnt make it law and apparently we have an election. A few changes that will effect bookkeepers

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03/05/2016 - Home

APRA also says ask software questns

"So we sent some questions about their security for them to answer. They said they wouldn't provide answers unless we bought a $20,000 subscription from them. Sometimes you have to know when to walk away."

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03/05/2016 - Home

Calxa for your Practice Webinar

Free Calxa Webinar on the Power of Calxa for your Practice

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