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Note: this notice should only be used following the employer embracing full Single Touch Payroll reporting, including meeting their “Finalisation” process for the payroll year.

Note: Payment Summaries are not required to be provided to employees

If: The “Final” payroll information has been sent to the ATO

  • by 31 July 2019 for the 2018/19 year
  • by 14 July 2020 for 2019/20 or

Note: Any part of Payroll that is not reported through an STP process (possibly RESC or RFBA or amounts from a previous payroll system (if they did not transfer over)) must be reported to the Employee on a Payment Summary and to the ATO through the PSAR process.

We will not be issuing Payment Summaries this yearNo Payment Sumamries

The Australian Government has implemented a system where employers must report payroll information to the ATO each and every payrun.

This has not changed your regular pay system.

We are not required to provide you with a final end of year Payment Summary.

You may access your Employment Income Statement (the new name for Payment Summaries) if you require one from the ATO:

  • Access and then the “ATO Online” system & download from there.
  • Your Tax Agent will already have access to the final information in their Tax Return Preparation software, or
  • Phone the ATO who will provide it to you 13 28 61

Not everyone is in Single Touch Payroll yet. Although we, your employer, have adopted this new compulsory system, not all other employers are yet able to meet this requirement.


Download this Employee Handout here

Single Touch Payroll for you – other information

On the ATO Online Services (accessed through myGov) you will be able to see;

  • the amount of Super that has been calculated and reported by us,
  • the amount of that Super that has been paid into your Super Fund/s, and
  • the year to date amounts of Wages, allowances, deductions and Tax

You don't have to use myGov.

You can still monitor your Super information from your Super Fund's website.

I don't have a myGov account.

Using an internet browser (mobiles included) access and set up a new account.

It is not compulsory to have a myGov account. However, if you want to access your ATO Online provided information throughout the year you will need one.








What the ATO shows on ATO Online (myTax on myGov)

The Employee Message on myGov

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  • 1 July, 2019