Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Did you know that the ICB Bookkeeping surveys are the longest standing annual survey within the global bookkeeping profession. We have observed a number of trends within the bookkeeping survey data and are disseminating them as part of the survey series. The full survey results are available for download at the linked page provided below.

Telecommuting and Teleworking

Bookkeepers appear to be strongly engaged with their clients and their colleagues through technology with the majority of bookkeeping work occurring through teleworking arrangements offsite. Moreover their intention is to engage in more telework in the future with the trends within the data and indicating increases in the amount of telework occurring. This is compelling for bookkeepers and their clients alike with bookkeepers able to pass on the benefits of reduced overhead associated with travel while servicing rural and remote clients. While many business models are struggling with the adjustment to telecommuting from bricks and mortar, bookkeepers appear to be thriving with the change in work practices. This bodes well for the future of work impact on bookkeeping and bookkeepers.

In 2012 just over one fifth or approximately 21% of all bookkeeping businesses were through traditional bricks and mortar, non telework or face to face arrangements, that figure is just a mere 7% in 2015. The ACMA conducted their last significant study into teleworking practices in 2015 allowing for comparison. Within the general community the rate of teleworking was 46% compared with the ICB measured bookkeeping community rate of 93%. Bookkeepers are leading the future of work.

ICB Annual Survey 2018

  • 27th June, 2019