Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Time to turn the “new normal” into an opportunity to expand your business skills and tools

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made it imperative to digitally transform our places of work and education to be able to operate effectively. Those companies able to use technology well to keep going and rethink their business operations for the future and embrace digital transformation will be ones ahead of their competition.

Now is the perfect opportunity for ICB Members to redefine their business plans, upskill their digital knowledge and move their businesses forward on the digital platform.

Many digital platform providers have been offering e-learning courses for free to assist small business in obtaining the skills and ability to use online marketing tools to help their business grow. Google have the following courses on offer:

  • Google Ads – advertise your business online
  • Google Marketing Platform – set and achieve marketing objectives
  • Analytics Academy – intelligent data collection and analysis
  • YouTube – for managed Music, Enterprise, Media and Content ID partners
  • Google Ad Manager – learn how to set up ad campaigns
  • Android Enterprise Academy – learn how to use mobile platforms
  • Google AdMob – manage your inventory
  • Google for Education – set of training for educators, students and school leaders
  • Waze Academy – introduction to the fundamentals of Waze Ads
  • Authorized Buyers – courses on gaining solid reputation as a buyer
  • Build Upon Your Ads Expertise – combined modules of learning paths for specific needs

ICB recommends members take the opportunity that any free time may present for our members to embrace Cloud technology and Digital advertising. Google offer the following e-courses:


  • 26th June 2020