Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Nothing has changed!

Court cases keep raising the classification of casuals and how much they should be paid and how much leave they should be entitled to.

In a recent meeting with the Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker & the FWO legal counsel commented that they do not believe recent court cases (Workpac v Skene) or (Workpac v Rossato) have really changed anything. The decisions made were specific to the circumstances of those particular cases.

ICB Comment, As advisors to employers we need to go back to basics.

  • Clearly identified casual loading on payslips
  • Clearly articulated terms of employment in contracts
  • Ensure employers have offered, and can prove the offer, of conversion from casual to part or full time.

ICB will continue to monitor the government’s response and will advise you accordingly. The FWO has agreed to restating the validity and the basics of casual employment on its website.

Explanatory References

  • 25th May 2020