Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ATO refers overdue lodgments to external collection agencies. In the past they ring on behalf of the ATO to chase amounts outstanding. Now they are also utilised by the ATO to chase up outstanding lodgements. Businesses and their agents should be notified before overdue lodgements are referred to an external collection agency.

Probe Operations Pty Ltd is engaged by the ATO to chase lodgements. If your business or clients’ business have been referred, you will be contacted by this agency; their details are listed below.

AgencyPhone number
Probe Operations Pty Ltd 1300 171 513
Probe Operations Pty Ltd – SMS 1800 721 111
Probe Operations Pty Ltd – Voice Messaging 1800 791 552

Always check it really is from the ATO

Agents and businesses need to be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages claiming to be from the ATO.

If they ask for immediate payment, if they threaten police action, if they suggest payment by itunes or supermarket cards then it is a scam.

If you or someone you know has paid or provided personal identifying information to a scammer, call the ATO on 1800 008 540 to report it.

If you receive a scam phone call or text message and have not paid or provided personal identifying information to the scammer, you can Report the scam online.

If you are ever unsure whether an ATO interaction is genuine, don’t reply to the call or email. Contact the ATO on 1800 008 540 or visit the ATO Scam reports page for a listing of known scam activity.

  • 18th February, 2020