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Reach Out Indigenous business support pilot program

The ATO recently announced the expansion of its Reach Out Indigenous business support pilot program. The program helps Indigenous small businesses meet their tax and superannuation obligations through tailored support and education. The pilot program started in July 2018 in Townsville and Brisbane and will be expanded into New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria in 2020 as a result of a successful initial pilot in Queensland. The full media release is available here.

The ATO plans to deliver more than 130 workshops and other activities in 2020 as part of the pilot program.

The pilot is one of several Australian Government initiatives introduced to increase economic participation of Indigenous Australians and to help more Indigenous people build sustainable businesses that will support themselves, their families and their communities. The Indigenous business sector is estimated to contribute ten billion dollars to the economy.

This program forms part of the ATO’s Reconciliation Action Plan which is all about commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


  • 18th February, 2020