Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ICB election for two positions onto the Board was conducted online from Thursday 6th February 5pm to Monday February 17th 9am.

All members received notification of the process for nomination of candidates.  The online electionbuddy system sends the invitation to all voting members and up to 3 reminders.     853 members (19%) participated in the Election this year.

Elected onto the Board

  1. Rob Marshall (re-elected)
  2. Marg Whitfield

Therefore the new board will be

  1. Amanda Linton (Chief Executive Officer)
  2. Matthew Addison
  3. Leanne Berry
  4. Melissa Foote
  5. Roslyn Van Welie
  6. Rob Marshall
  7. Marg Whitfield

On behalf of all members of ICB, we would like to thank all the individuals who allowed themselves to be nominated into the election process.  Candidates must be nominated by two members. 

We also would like to acknowledge and thank Mr John Birse who will retire from his position as a director.

The declaration of results was overseen by the ICB Auditor My Wayne Durdin of McPhail & Partners. 

The ICB Annual General Meeting webinar is on the 6th April, 2020 and the online voting on AGM matters concludes on the 13th April, 2020.

The next Directors meeting of the new Board of Directors will be Thu 7th & Fri 8th May in Melbourne.

Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to the election or the above.


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  • 17 February 2020