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ATO Portal Guide – Concise edition

Navigating the ATO Portal might be difficult for newcomers to the portal services. It might even be challenging if you have not used the portal services for some time. The ATO has continued to provide a comprehensive set of resources designed to make navigating the portal more straightforward. We have indexed a number of the important services and changes in service in the ensuing summary sections of the article.

Your system settings need to meet our Minimum system requirements. To quickly check your settings use the Online services system requirement check. The system will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Menu options in this guide reflect the system – they will either be practice or client summary. You will need to navigate between the agent homepage and the client depending on the action you are performing.

Portal Guide Summary pages

  • Agent Homepage

    This section of the guide outlines the homepage features and the minimum system requirements for the system, it outlines the use of quicklinks and how to setup your preferences.

  • Search

    The search feature allows you to search the portal service area of the system

  • MY practice

    This part of the guide explains how you are able to manage clients in the system, you are able to track lodgement statuses in the system and the guide explains how

  • Reports and forms

    This part of the guide addresses a number of the key challenges associated with report lodgement

  • Communication

    This part of the guide outlines all of your communication with the ATO and any correspondence sent to you

  • Payment options

    To learn about managing payment options and payment plans visit this segment of the guide

  • Client summary

    Discover how to manage your clients and review client status using this useful part of the guide.

Other useful parts of the guide

Profile outlines the methods for manage your profile settings, Lodgement assists with general lodgement matters, super is beneficial with super management related matters while business outlines STP, SBCH and GST property credits.

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  • 26th February, 2019