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The Tax Practitioners Board ( has announced a new program of compliance audits, concentrating on CPE behaviour and record keeping of Agents.

Ian Taylor advises

In 2018-19 we will undertake reviews of practitioners continuing professional education (CPE) records to ensure compliance with our CPE policy and their renewal requirement. These reviews will provide insights into how tax practitioners are maintaining their knowledge and skills relevant to the services they provide that help us develop targeted guidance and support.

In consultation with the TPB, we have been advised that the TPB will first be looking at those Agents who are not members of Professional Associations.  In due course they will review the CPE records of all agents.

ICB Members have access to the ICB CPE Register.  This register automatically records all ICB network meetings, webinars, conferences and workshops attended.  Members are able to add additional CPE events to the register, including uploading certificates of attendance or completion.

The TPB requires BAS Agents to undertake 45 hours of CPE per 3 years. ICB requires Members to undertake 15 hours of CPE per year. 

There are ongoing discussions about the need for all professionals to renew their expertise through CPE related activities or re-accreditation of the knowledge and skills in the areas in which they practice.

ICB provides its members with the Annual Skill Review - an assessment to reassure you that you are up to date with the current developments in the areas of your world.  Additionally, ICB offers specialty skill assessments in Payroll, Terminations, TPAR, HR Intermediary and Payment Summaries.

The TPB has indicated acceptance of CPE records maintained and proven through systems such as the ICB Register and acknowledges the educational role of the Knowledge and Assessments available through professional associations. 

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  • 27 July, 2018