Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Thank you to the 1447 members who participated in the online voting for the 2018 AGM. This made up 36% of the eligible voting members and therefore met the required number to give effect to the constitution changes that were proposed.

Constitutional Reform

The overwhelming support of the proposed changes assist in driving ICB into the next era of development and impact:

  • Directors must be approved and then appointed by members for a maximum of a 3 year term. Reappointment is allowed.
  • Directors must Govern the ICB in accordance with the Constitution and the agreed Policy and Philosophy statements.
  • Changes to any Policy and Philosophy must first be approved by the Directors and then agreed to by the Members.
  • Email Addresses become the permitted formal means of notification to members.
  • Online Voting is permitted and serves as participation in meetings.
  • Complaints process to be managed and considered by a designated Complaints and Disciplinary Committee.
  • Appeals about Complaints Committee decisions will be heard by the Directors.


The quorum for members meetings that had been proposed in the service of notice and therefore subject to the required notification processes and period of time proposed that a quorum be set at 10 or a number determined in advance by the Board.

This proposal was approved by members.

Some members did discuss at the presentation of the AGM as part of the Annual Conference series that the amount should be greater, and accordingly the Directors have resolved that the quorum for all members decisions and meetings shall be a minimum of 50. This change will be brought in as a future Constitution change.


It was agreed that the number of elected directors shall be 6, noting that the CEO is considered an additional director, and the elected directors may appoint a further 2 directors as required.

The process for persons to be nominated for Director positions shall be advised in the August newsletter.

Policy matters

73% of members expressed a positive view on the member provided proposal that network meeting facilitators should be further supported in consideration of their fee for attending the annual conference. We will now develop the system for allowing network facilitators to apply a level of support attributable to them for their respective levels of contribution towards the running of network meetings, i.e., pro-rata to the number of meetings and participation.

The conducting of the ICB Skill review was supported. We are considering the assessment and re-certification of skills requirements in conjunction with the Future of the Tax Profession discussions and the TPB CPE requirements. Further information will be available soon.


  • 24th July, 2018