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Member Feedback about ICB

“OMG so many benefits. Access to loads of resources and support. Local coffee clubs, annual conference where you can network with your peers and learn. Various workshops and webinars – they just did a series on payroll terminations that was invaluable…”

From the Support Team

With many businesses closing over the Christmas break, take time for you professionally. Prepare for the year to come and improve your confidence in the knowledge you have by booking into an exam and testing your knowledge.

It is a great way to re-affirm what you already know and brush up on the skills you may have overlooked that you already had.

This also provides a great opportunity to be across the various, and expansive amount of, resources that ICB have available to assist you no matter what your bookkeeping challenge.

Simply log in to your MyICB and select the box named “Book Exam”. This will provide you with a list of options for you to select from.

Whether you are already familiar with this area or have not had the chance–explore and familiarise yourself accessing many of the ICB resources in preparation for 2018.


  • 8th December, 2017