Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

We are pleased to announce that ICB Global and the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Incorporated (NZBAI) have joined forces to support bookkeepers across New Zealand.

The NZBAI was founded six years ago, after a small number of bookkeepers saw the need for an association to support New Zealand bookkeepers. This association has since expanded, with a growing membership base of now over 600 NZ members.

The NZBAI's success can be attributed to its Executive Committee volunteering their services throughout the association's six years of operation. To continue this ongoing success and growth, the NZBAI is now seeking the support of ICB Global. The benefits of forming a Global Association are vast and ongoing, ranging from infrastructure, leverage, global partnership opportunities, ICB Benefits program, to mention a few.

ICB Global looks forward to working with the NZBAI team over the coming months to co-brand and migrate their membership management system and website. Similar to ICB Australia, the New Zealand Bookkeepers will remain being managed locally, with the NZ Executive continuing to drive and develop the NZ strategy.

  • 30th August, 2017