Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

JobKeeper payments are seamlessly flowing through to most employers.

CashFlow Boost payments are reported to flow automatically to approx. 80% of employers without any human intervention (other than lodging the March BAS).


The ATO are sending payment requests to the Reserve Bank on a daily basis.


Why are the others delayed?


  • Sole Traders have all of a sudden registered for JK and employees when there is no evidence that they have an employee
  • Businesses all of a sudden decided to back date a PAYGW registration and backdate payments to “employees”, never reported or seen before
  • Businesses that have included contractors in their JK claims
  • Employees are being detected with multiple “eligible employers”
  • Employees that weren’t employees as of 1 March
  • More than one Eligible Business Participant
  • Business has not been reporting or paying PAYGW before JK came along

(There is a whole lot of logic in why the ATO wouldn’t pay immediately to some businesses)

CashFlow Boost

  • The entity didn’t exist as of 1 January (more evidence is required)
  • The Bank account listed with the ATO is wrong
  • The 2019 Tax Return hasn’t been lodged – this required escalation but now the ATO has a system fix to look at other information

What to do?

Typically the ATO call centre is unable to provide reason or explanation.  However they can sometimes perform an initial assessment and seek additional clarifying information or escalate the case.

The ATO scripts will talk about 14 day responses for JK and 20 days for CFB.  We are hearing many cases are solved within these time frames.

We are also aware of a number of CFB cases that have not resolved after 20 days and nothing is known nor advised to the business nor their agent.

Ring the ATO on Agent line:  1800 700 724

Businesses should ring:  1800 806 218



  • 21 May 2020