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Please refer to the process for connecting a Software Unique ID to the ATO Access Manager

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Which ID?

There are a number of different scenarios that Agents (or their clients) may be using to lodge STP reports:

A:  When a Business lodges its own STP reports the ATO will check the SID belongs to the ABN of the business.

B:  When an Agent lodges an STP report for a client (either from the Clients Business Software where the User is identified as an Agent or from the Agents Practice Management Software) the software will provide the RAN and then the ATO will detect the RAN (Registered Agent Number) then align the RAN with the ABN for that Agent and then look for the SID that belongs to that Agent. 

Please note that for both MYOB and Xero (and we expect also Reckon) that the software companies have created the appropriate lodgement platforms that provide the correct technical authentication and matching of the ABN, the SID and where appropriate the RAN based on who has logged into the "file".  We are currently unaware of Intuit QBO process for detection of Agent lodged STP reports.

Who is lodging and Which SID is being used?

1/ The client lodges from their own client software: 

Each User of the software should have their own user profile.  When they log in to the file the software will see that the user is part of the businesss and the software will then use the Businesses Unique Software ID as the authentication ID when the file is submitted to the ATO.

2/ An Agent lodges from the clients software and is known to be the agent - Agent recognised in the software.  

The Software companies have created the required identification of the Agent and submit the Agent provided STP reports using the Agents SID.

3/ An Agent lodges from the Agents software - Agent recognised in the software - Agent ID is used


To obtain the correct USID for the Business you must log into the MYOB AR or Essentials File using a login of a User that is NOT a Registered Agent.  Use this USID when connecting the Business to the Business Portal / Access Manager or when ringing up the ATO to connect the business.

If you log into the MYOB file with a user profile that contains your Agent details then MYOB will detect that you are an Agent and it will provide your Agent SID.  Your Agent SID should NOT be provided to the ATO when connecting any client business to the ATO.



If you login to a Xero Org (business) as a user then the STP opt in will provide you with the Unique SID for the business.  It is this SID that must be attached to that Businesses Access Manager.

If you use different Xero Orgs for the same Business ie maybe two different payroll locations.  Each SID will need to be advised to the Business Portal

Do NOT use your “Agent” or “partner” or Xero PM” SID on any client Business Portal.  Your SID given to you as a person or org known with an RAN (Agent Number) would be connected to your Agent Portal and that SID provided to Access Manager for the ABN that is you.

If you lodge your clients STP through your XPM then it is your Agent SID that should have been connected to your BAS Agent Portal and that allows you to lodge on behalf of clients that are on your Portal Client list.


  • 2nd July 2018