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ICB bringing you the thinking, the strategies, the discussion for bookkeepers to be able to approach the new world of living through COVID-19 and the rebuilding of businesses.  We will bring you the factual information on what is happening, what Government and others are doing and what we as bookkeepers could be doing to help our businesses.

Refer to the ICB COVID-19 Strategies page which provides the insights and resources

We envisage that the next 90 days are fraught with the need for business to think clearly about their positioning and their modes of operation.

The following 90 days will be about journeying through a period with a different JobKeeper (if any) and whatever else the economy thows at us and Government endeavour to do with us.

Lets work through this together

Recorded Sessions

Friday 26th June - Recap on where we are and What's Changed, how to get employees back to work

Thursday 9th July - Recap and thinking strategy and cashflow


Friday 24th July - an early look at what the JK review said and what it is going to do to us


Wednesday 29th July - JobKeeper 2.0 and other updates


Friday 7th August - Preparing Business to work their way out of COVID-19 after JK ends - Communication


Scheduled webinars

Friday 21st August - COVID-19 Update and What now as of 21August

Friday 28th August - Explaining JobKeeper 2 - we expect the law will be issued - **NEW to schedule

Friday 4th September - COVID-19 Update and What now as of 4 September

Friday 18 September - COVID-19 Update and What now as of 18 September

Friday 2 October - COVID-19 Update and What now as of 2 October

All sessions will be recorded and made available to members after the event.

Hosted by Matthew Addison & Leanne Berry (with selected guests when available)


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ICB COVID-19 Strategies page

  • 21 August 2020