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Victorian Vaccination Requirements Confirmed

The Health Orders have been issued – So it is law

From 15th October 2021, in order for Authorised Workers to work onsite at a work premises (A work premises is anywhere you are required to be for your work outside the home), the employee must be able to provide evidence to your employer that you have:

  • Received at least your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Have a booking to receive your first dose by 22 October 2021.
  • Have a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner.

What happens if I (the employee) don’t meet these requirements?

  • If you can’t provide your employer with evidence that you meet the vaccination requirements for your industry which are outlined above, then your employer cannot allow you to enter the work premises (i.e. come on-site) to work.
  • You won’t be fined if you do not meet these requirements – but if you are unable to attend work, or you cause your workplace to incur a large fine, this may affect your employment, contract, or placement.
  • If you provide false or misleading information about your vaccination status you may be fined. $10,904.40 for an individual and 300 penalty units for a body corporate ($54,522).

I am an employer. What happens if I allow an unvaccinated worker on site to continue working?

  • You face a penalty of up to 120 penalty units ($21,808) if you are an individual – or a penalty of up to 600 penalty units ($109,044) if you are a corporation.

Other Workers – not on the authorised worker list

Work from home

Your workplace must remain closed unless:


  • 8th October 2021