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Victorian Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

The new Victorian Small Business Digital Adaptation Program is now open to help sole traders and micro businesses in their day to day operations. The scheme is intended to help small businesses adapt to the online environment and is a valuable incentive that aims to expand the technological capabilities of a small business.

This is a government funded opportunity to boost the digital journey of a business and promote digital adaptability, not only for your clients and business owners, but also in your own practice.

During the various state restrictions, the need for small businesses to be flexible and adaptable to change, particularly within the online and digital environment is now a reality. A $1,200 rebate to cover 12 months access to digital products is unquestionably a valuable reason to register for this program and experiment with the programs on offer.

How does the program work?

To progress through the program, businesses need to follow three steps:

  • Complete the online registration form to confirm eligibility and participate in product trials and workshops.
  • Sign up for and purchase their preferred digital product through one of the partner product suppliers available under this program.
  • Apply for the purchase rebate of $1,200 to cover 12 months’ access to the product of choice.

Register for the Program

The program is now open for registrations until 28th February 2021, or when funds are exhausted, whichever is sooner and is open to sole traders as well as micro and small businesses that operate a business in Victoria, hold an ABN and are registered for GST as of 13th September 2020. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and agree to the conditions outlined in the program guidelines.

Sign up for Digital Products

On the condition that a business has not used the participating software before, they will be entitled to a reimbursement of $1,200 after buying a software subscription. While businesses are welcome to spread the $1,200 across a number of subscriptions, they will only receive the one reimbursement.

Businesses will be able to register, and trial selected digital products from suppliers who have partnered with the Victorian Government, then choose one of these products to purchase. Products currently available to businesses through this program include website, e-commerce, finance, and digital business management tools.

The partner products that have been named so far are:

Apply for a purchase rebate

Once businesses have purchased a product, they can apply for a rebate of $1,200 to access the product for 12 months. The program also offers free digital adaptation training and workshops to help registered businesses adopt and implement online tools in their business.

Encourage your small-business clients to take up the offer of digital assistance to develop their digital capability and business growth.


  • Updated: 27th November 2020