Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

In response to Work+Money's article: 25 Dying Professions You Should Avoid
Noting the article is from the USA, where they have not moved to adopting business technology to the same extent as Australia.

A great and accurate comment that when applied to True Bookkeeping is appropriate:

“Bottom line, any routine job that can easily be defined by a mathematical or logic equation will be at risk,” Pugliano said. “Opportunity will be [there] for those that can create new produces/services or solve/fix unexpected problems.”

Also of huge interest is that they deem bookkeeping is going to be replaced by things like ReceiptBank and Quickbooks online. We love both products, and they help bookkeepers do their thing, but… they are both tools that work with data that represents transactions that have already happened in the business. True bookkeeping is doing the business: helping with a system that records the sale, applies the right GST, issues a compliant invoice, and keeps the business records amongst a few more. For purchases it is far more than rekeying a supplier's invoice into a program.

We also note that the USA business solutions separate payroll services from bookkeeping; in Australia the certified bookkeeper is typically also providing payroll services.

Referring to the quote early in the article: There are not many bookkeepers whose job is limited to mathematics and logic equation. We seem to spend a lot of time communicating, interpreting, sourcing, explaining, responding to the owner, the ATO, the accountant. Bookkeeping is all about solving and fixing, if not preventing ‘unexpected problems’.

I think the world of the true bookkeeper is safe for a long long time.

Bookkeepers of the future.

  • 27th August, 2018