Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The TPB previously announced a compliance program about Agents personal tax obligations

News Article - TPB cracksdown on Agent Compliance

The letters have started issuing


TPB Letter

We have reports that the letter should not have been sent to some members as their tax matters are all up todate or NOT yet due.

Unfortunately the letter does not specify exactly what tax matter the ATO or the TPB consider as non-compliant.

ICB is working with the TPB to improve the correspondence and rectify the incorrect letters.


Please do not ignore the letter.

If you have received the letter we are STRONGLY recommending you immediately

1/ review your tax matters (Activity Statements, Income Tax)

2/ lodge any outstanding forms

3/ arrange payment plans for any overdue amounts to pay

3/ write to the TPB and get on the record your compliance status.

We acknowledge that

  • some tax debts are not yet due for payment.  Some are not due to be paid until June
  • some tax returns are also not yet due for lodgement
  • The december activity statement may not yet be due for lodgement and payment

If your tax matters are up to date and compliant we believe it is reasonable, if you have receivved the "non-compliance" letter, for you to now request the TPB acknowledge that you are in fact compliant.

ICB will continue to liaise with the TPB and will represent any specific cases that are out of line.






  • 22 January, 2019