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BAS Agents can now see the History of lodged TPAR reports!TPAR

The ATO are following up businesses they expect to lodge a TPAR.  ATO Website Page- Have you lodged your TPAR?

All relevant Agents will receive a list of TPAR applicable clients and their lodgement status from the ATO, probably during October.

Check out whether your clients have lodged this years or past years.

Access the report from Online Services for Agents, select the client, select the Lodgments menu item and then Taxable Payments Annual Report





Through Online Services for Agents  or via the Business Portal with the ATO,

  1. a limited number of TPAR reports for contractors can be directly entered, or
  2. upload a file generated by software, (in the practice file upload section), and
  3. view outstanding lodgements of TPAR expected by the ATO, and
  4. view history of TPAR lodgements (whether directly entered or file upload)

Unfortunately you cannot view the details behind historic TPAR reports.  The ATO user guide explains that to obtain historic lodgement details you phone the ATO (BAS Agent Line 13 72 86) and quote the Receipt Number of the specific lodgement.

It was a major dissappointment to us that the ATO saw it appropriate to make this feature first available to Tax Agents but not to BAS Agents.  This has now been fixed.


ATO Online Services Guide for TPAR

ICB Resources for TPAR

  • 24 September 2019