Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ICB produces a monthly newsletter that covers the latest and crucial issues for Bookkeepers, BAS Agents and Student Members.

The Newsletter is aimed at informing our members about the constant changes and shifts in the Bookkeeping landscape and reporting on matters such as Best Practice Bookkeeping, BAS Agent Information, CPE, Institute Matters, Government Legislation, ATO updates, Fair Work information, Education opportunities, Wellbeing and any additional knowledge or guidance relevant to our industry.

Each edition is structured in a way that complements the ICB Resources and Support Team and gives members an analysis of current information according to the ICB.

There is something in the newsletter for all levels of Bookkeeping, whether that be an experienced BAS Agent or a Student Bookkeeper seeking to gain new skills.

In addition to our newsletters, the ICB will advise you immediately of any updates or changes to any pertinent issue that may affect Bookkeepers via our other news channels.

Newsletters from our very first edition in 2006 are available to Members.

  • 31st March 2021