Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

How Work & Workflow Changes Futureproof Practices

An eBook published by Reckon delves into the changing marketplace and how updated work models and workflow solutions can benefit bookkeeping practices, helping to futureproof against the tides of change.

Although based on UK models the Reckon eBook discusses the need for Bookkeeping professionals to adopt future first thinking mindset to adaptation to ensure their businesses thrive, a topic that is also relevant for Australian Bookkeepers.

The eBook examines the fact that change is inevitable and also focuses on the need for Bookkeepers to seek out new avenues to widen their business offering while also streamlining bookkeeping day-to-day tasks.

To read the Reckon eBook in detail: Reckon – The Changing Face of Bookkeeping

  • 28th May 2021