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I quite like this article

While it is written from an American Accounting firm perspective it has some great lines in it.

"Small firms just have to be available to their clients, return their calls, initiate meetings, keep the promised due dates -- and one other thing that nobody else can do and that will not be eliminated: They need to help their clients manage their businesses better.

Large firms call this advisory or consulting services, and make a big deal out of it."

"This is not a role that will be eliminated by any promulgations or M&A activities. On some level it doesn’t even need special study or classroom CPE; it does need an awareness of what is going on in the client’s business, the client’s life and the world at large. You need to stay current, read a lot, be aware of current trends and be able to apply what you know to your clients. These clients will always need this assistance, and I have a guaranteed way to always remain relevant to them: Teach your clients everything you know while continually learning new things."

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In this world where so many keep telling us our world is over and Bookkeeping is redundant, meanwhile more and more software companies as well as accounting firms set up "automated" services all of which are supported by a human that will look after the client. Sounds like what bookkeepers have been doing for many many years and are very well equipped to keep doing.


  • 12 June 2019