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The correct SID must be attached to the correct ABN

The Registered Agent (Accountant or Bookkeeper)

They must get an SID from their own software and each type of software used by clients where the agent will be lodging reports.

The Agent will have one SID from each brand of software that should relate to their ABN that is registered as an Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.

The Agent must link each of those SID's to their Agent related ABN in Access manager or by ringing the ATO.

Then it doesnt matter how many clients you have or what software they use as long as when the agent logs into the clients file (org, etc) that their user profile is unique and also that is has their Agent number in the profile.  The Softtware for that file/org must know you are an Agent.  When you lodge for that client the softwar identifies you and uses your Agent SID to authenticate your ability to lodge the STP report.

1/ if the agent is the only person who lodges STP reports for the client then:
- have your user profile setup with your agent number noted in your profile. In this way the software knows you are lodging as an agent and will tell the office it is you lodging. In this case the only SID that will be used is your agent SID that is attached to the ABN that is attached to you as an agent.


The Employer

2/ if your client will be lodging STP reports then the clients SID (obtain that from within the software when a person is logged in who is NOT an agent) must be attached to the clients ABN with the ATO.

Note:  each employer should have their own SID attached to their own ABN.


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  • 30 April 2019