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Most Frequently Asked Question for Single Touch Payroll

I have missed a report - how do I go back?


The report contained an error - how do I resubmit?


I have missed july and only just started - how do I submit the july reports?


The Answer is the same:

Single Touch Payroll has been designed so that you dont submit past reports back to the ato.

The employers payroll system is the source of truth.

If there is a past error fix it in your payroll system.

Then on the NEXT payrun, you submit your STP report and your software will send the new set of corrected YEAR TO DATE amounts for the employees that are being paid.


You dont go back and lodge a missed report.

You dont go back and resubmit a report that errored.

You dont go back and submit reports for all the pays in july becuase you have just started.

Natural Business System

Single Touch Payroll has been designed as far as possible to leverage off your normal (previous) payroll system.  Fix your system, and do the next payroll.


If you have paid someone in the past that wont get paid again, the future payevents wont normally send their details.  You would need to send an "Update" event to the ATO for that employee, if your software has that feature.  Alternatively they will be caught in your "Finalisation" process.  This is the STP version of Payment Summaries.  You "Finalise" which tells the ATO the persons data is final for that payroll year and the data can be used for their tax return.  Subject to your software you can finalise an employee during the year.


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  • 3 August, 2018