Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Clarity on Services NSW Jobsaver Payments

Previously advised by Services NSW, to be eligible to receive Jobsaver for the fortnight just ended on 10th October, businesses were required to complete the income assessment and no payments would be paid until that had been done and a declaration had been made.

Businesses and Bookkeepers had planned accordingly to prepare and lodge the assessment in readiness for the payment, however, ICB have been advised by members that many of their businesses had already received the payments without doing the declaration.

ICB followed up with Services NSW and have been advised:

This fortnight past (just ended) is an auto-payment.

Services NSW has had to prioritise other work and so the next payment (i.e. fortnight ended 24th October) will be based on confirmation.

Businesses that received this payment can still indicate to Services NSW that they are ineligible, in which case we will contact them and advise how they can return funds for a specific period.

Further Update

It is mandatory that businesses declare their eligibility or ineligibility for the past two fortnight’s they have been paid even though Services NSW didn’t stop the payments.

The terms and conditions of the grants is that a recipient would advise Services NSW when they were not longer eligible.

ICB recommends that businesses should be contacting Services NSW and having that discussion as they would be expected to pay the money back.

They could submit a declaration that says no they are not eligible and then wait until they are contacted, being prepared to repay the items. ICB recommends advising clients to put the money aside to prepare to pay it back.

  • Updated: 14th October 2021