Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Today the ATO has issued a media release Scammers impersonate ATO phone numberswarning of the continuation of unprecedented numbers of pre-recorded phone calls known as “Robocalls” impersonating the tax office experienced last year.

While the ATO regularly contacts taxpayers by phone, email and SMS, there are some tell-tale signs that it isn’t the ATO. The ATO will not:

  • send you an email or SMS asking you to click on a link directing you to a login page;
  • use aggressive or rude behaviour, or threaten you with immediate arrest, jail or deportation;
  • request payment of a debt via iTunes or Google Play cards, pre-paid Visa cards, cryptocurrency or direct credit to a personal bank account; or
  • request a fee in order to release a refund owed to you.
  • 4th April 2019