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SBSCH unable to lodge payment instruction

This has come about because of a Successor Fund Transfer (SFT) – where a super fund amalgamates or takes over another and the respective fund product information is changed. In response to these changes funds are expected to inform members, who are then expected to inform the employer who then should update the SBSCH record. Unfortunately there are potential points of failure in this path.

If you have attempted to submit a Payment Instruction and received the message "Cannot validate USI details.....", it may be because there has been a change in ownership of a superannuation product that one of your employees has chosen. Your employee should have provided you with the new details from the fund.

ATO investigations have found that two funds have been identified with recent changes.

1/ AustSafe merged with SunSuper on 30/03/2019 and has new details


Fund Name: AustSafe Super

ABN: 92398191503

USIs:  AustSafe Superannuation Fund – ASF0001AU

           AustSafe Super Pension – 92398191503001


Fund Name: SunSuper Superannuation Fund

ABN: 98 503 137 921

USIs: 98 503 137 921 001 (noting there is only 1 USI across Super and Pension)


2/ OnePath Masterfund merged with Retirement Portfolio Service from 13/04/2019 and has new details.


Fund Name: OnePath Masterfund

ABN: 53789980697


Fund Name: Retirement Portfolio Service

ABN: 61808189263

USIs: No change.


If you have an employee that has one of these products you will need to update the employee’s super fund details and then create the payment instruction.

Steps you must take when a fund changes ABN or USI:

  1. Update employee’s details with the new ABN and USI
  2. Delete any Payment instruction created before updating the employee’s details
  3. Create a new payment instruction
  4. Submit the Payment Instruction
  5. Take steps to make the payment as you would normally do.

If you continue to receive this error please contact the SBSCH helpline on 1300 660 048. 

Other clearing houses will use the information in the payroll or super setup so they may need to be changed in the same way.

If you were late making a payment

ATO confirm that where an employer has made a payment to the SBSCH by the quarterly due date, which is subsequently received by the superfund and allocated to the employee’s super interest, they are considered to have met their obligations under the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992.

If employers are unable to make SBSCH payments by the 28 April quarterly due date because of the changes arising from the transition of:

  • ‘The Trustee for OnePath Masterfund’ products to ‘Retirement Portfolio Service’    Or
  • ‘AustSafe Super’ to ‘SunSuper Superannuation Fund’

ATO will apply PS LA 2007/1 and not assess a superannuation guarantee charge. This is provided the employer:

  • had funds available to pay their SG liability by the 28 April 2019 due date
  • has evidence that they sought to make a contribution on behalf of the employee within the appropriate timeframe, and
  • made the payment promptly once the SBSCH system or access issues were resolved

If you have been impacted by this issue, please ensure you lodge as soon as possible using the correct updated details.


  • 30 April 2019