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NSW Business Support – Details Have Been Published

NSW Govt COVID Business Support Grants 2021


The concept: Reduce Mobility to prevent community transmission.

The aim: Reduce the number of people with COVID and prevent an overloading of the health system and health consequences.


  1. Reduce mobility
  2. Masks
  3. QR Code – Tracing

Longer term strategy: Vaccinations which reduce the health consequence to persons and the system.

NSW Lockdowns and Restrictions

There are 3 different regions:

  1. The three nominated Local Government Areas
  2. Greater Sydney
  3. The rest of NSW

Highlights: Greater Sydney area and the 3 LGAs:

  • Retail is now closed to customers, unless on the permitted list.
  • Construction is to be paused from 12.01am Monday.
  • Work from home if you can. From 12.01am Wednesday 21st July Employers must allow workers to work from home if the employee is able to do so.
  • Stay at home if you are in the 3 LGAs (except workers in essential services).
  • If workers leave the LGA for essential work they need to be tested every 3 days.
  • Masks must be carried; masks must be worn (generally).

Hotspot LGAs:

  • These are the highest restriction settings designed to address the most concerning community transmission. As the record levels of testing leads to the rapid uncovering of more and more lines of transmission it is expected that additional LGAs are likely to make it onto this list of Hotspots over time, though currently the Hotspot LGAS include:
  • In addition to the restrictions that apply to Greater Sydney, due to the higher levels of community transmission in these Hotspot LGAs has resulted in a restriction on any person leaving their LGA.

Authorised Workers:

  • Certain workers that reside in a Hotspot LGA may leave their LGA provided that:
    • No movement if the employee is symptomatic – The employee is required to get a test and isolate at home, not coming into work at all – no matter if they are an Authorised Worker, if they have even the mildest symptoms.
    • Movement is minimised – The employee is going directly to work and back to their LGA. No incidental travel or contact outside of the LGA is allows, other than attending a COVID-19 testing clinic on the way to, or nearby the workplace. Practically this means that any work tasks that the employee would usually have done (like going to the bank or post office or bakery etc, must not be done by these particular workers. They are only allowed to leave their Hotspot LGA to be at work and contact with the community must be minimised as much as possible.
    • Surveillance Testing is conducted – The employee must have been tested in the last 72h for COVID-19 as part of the surveillance testing program and carry evidence of their test. There will be some consideration over the first 3 day period until the first test is able to be obtained.
  • Businesses and staff face immediate penalties of between $1,000 and $5,000 in on-the-spot fines, as well as prosecution (with higher penalties and jail time) for failure to abide by these requirements.
  • More information on Authorised Workers.

The rest of Greater Sydney (including Blue Mountains, Shellharbour, Wollongong, and Central Coast):

  • Additional restrictions for NSW
    • Stay at home (lockdown) orders remain in effect – may leave only for medical treatment, to give care, receive a vaccination, to exercise within 10km radius and one person may leave once per day to buy essential food and supplies.
    • Visits to homes remain prohibited.
    • Face masks required when leaving the home.
    • Retail in general is closed. Only essential retail is allowed to be open.
      • Click and collect permitted for other retail.
      • Takeaway and home delivery permitted.
    • Construction is paused, which really means no “building” is to continue after midnight Sunday, however rules are developing in relation to “Make safe” and keep safe requirements.
      • Essential, safety, security work can be conducted.
      • The principle seems to be (do not continue to build).
      • Non-urgent maintenance and residential repair work to be paused.
    • Employers face $10,000 fines for not allowing employees to work from home if they can reasonably do so.
  • Testing in response to even the mildest symptoms of any person in the household, or in response to any person in the household attending an exposure site is strongly recommended.
  • Leaving Greater Sydney can only be done if on essential work, and if the worker holds evidence of surveillance testing that is no more than 7 days old.

The rest of New South Wales:

  • Should not enter Greater Sydney unless absolutely necessary, and even then should minimise all contact.
  • Face masks required when leaving the home.
  • No more than 5 visitors to the home at a time.
  • 1 person per 4sqm density applies in retail and workplace settings.

For more information: What you can do in NSW

  • Updated: 20th July 2021