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New COVID-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney

In a clear example of the fact that COVID-19 is a part of the landscape now, and will continue to be for some time, the Northern Beaches cluster has appeared and spread rapidly.

Learning from the experience in Melbourne and Adelaide the response has been initial localised lockdown, followed today by a broader increase in restrictions and an appeal for the highest levels of caution.

While the Northern Beaches is under formal lockdown until 23:59 on Wednesday 23rd December 2020, Greater Sydney is now also facing restrictions.

The lockdown only applies to the Northern Beaches, with work, medical and shopping being the only reasons to leave the house. However Greater Sydney is on high alert and restrictions are now in place on many venues.

Heightened alert means that businesses should be observing the increased control measures in their COVIDSafe Plan this includes:

  • Ensuring staff are aware of the hotspots and are following the government instruction to get tested and isolate if they have been in any of the hotspots in the relevant windows
  • Ensuring staff are wearing masks, following cleaning and social distancing requirements
  • Ensuring that where roadhouse and café facilities are utilised customers are checking in

It is well understood that at the busiest time of the year these measures are an inconvenience, but as was seen in other parts of the country, it is imperative that we all do our bit to ensure that outbreaks like the one we are facing now are contained as completely and quickly as possible.

It is worth noting that while the travel of persons across borders is in flux at this point, there is not anticipated to be any issue with the movement of freight.

This is a situation that is likely to be in flux over the next few days and ACAPMA will continue to send out updates as new information comes to light.

Source: Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association


  • 22nd December 2020