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What Needs To Be Done – Now That You Are Open

Critical retail such as supermarkets or pharmacies will still be accessible for people who are not fully vaccinated.

Source: NSW Government Vaccination requirements for workers

Evidence of your medical exemption must be from a medical practitioner in the form approved by the NSW Chief Health Officer.

What are The Reasonable Steps Required of Business

In NSW according to the law as issued by the Public Health Orders,
the “Reasonable Steps” required of business:


  • Employees must be Vaccinated (or exempt) to attend a workplace.
  • Employers must sight proof from the employee (and keep records of that status).


  • Business should obtain and display vaccination signage.

(Over the weekend, standard NSW Government Signage will be made available that should be displayed at the patron entrance to the workplace) Source: Health NSW Posters and Signage


  • Someone should be checking the vaccination status of patrons: QR Code at check-in and also then the Vaccination certificate sighted.
  • Know the phone number of the local police station.
  • Do not participate in any aggressive responses. Ring the local police station if required.
  • Have your COVID Safe plan up-to-date and in place.


  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan must address the matters required by the approved COVID-19 Safety Checklist.
  • A business must complete the relevant COVID-19 Safety Plan for your industry. A business will need to keep a copy of the plan and provide it when asked to an authorised person.

Source: NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plans

Access to the latest information and assets

  • Updated roadmap settings are available on
  • Updated COVID-19 Safety Plans for industry - new templates are available now on
  • Factsheets with guidance and advice for businesses ahead of reopening, available to access here
  • New signage to support industry and businesses with implementing compliance measures is now available on
  • Other signage and posters to help support COVID Safe behaviours, QR check-ins and capacity limits can be found at
  • Social assets for business to customer communications - proof of vaccination, kindness to staff and reopening, available to download here
  • The media release from Thursday's press conference can be accessed here.


  • 8th October 2021