Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Law has been passed and Royal Assent granted - 3rd Sept.

Treasury has released the Rules (2.15pm Tues 15th Sept)

We now need the ATO Guidance which we expect by midday 16th Sept.

JobKeeper Payments

We are still waiting for

- ATO to release their Guidance that will explain how we implement

What we do know

 - the 30% Decline in Turnover will be required for the preceeding quarter (compared to the same quarter last year) in order for an Employer to remain in the JK Payments System ie Comparing the Quarter ended 30 Sept 2020 as compared to 2019. will determine the employers eligibility for October through to December.

- there will be 2 tiers of payments as from 28th September, based on hours worked before 1 July or before 1 March.

- Refer to the members recorded webinar (4 Sept) for an explanation on what we know about the "Hours" tests

We will keep you updated

Most recent information from the ato

- ATO Website - JK extension


JobKeeper FairWork Directions

Qualifying Employers  &  Legacy Employers (the 10% test) and those employers no longer on JK

Explained in ICB Webinar and notes from 4 September - Recorded Webinar

- Fair Work Website

- Fair Work Commission Website

We are seeking guidance and templates from FairWork Ombudsman

PLEASE NOTE - the 10% decline in turnover test ONLY relates to the use of the Fair Work JobKeeper Directions for Legacy Employers.

ICB Explains what we know about JobKeeper 2

JobKeeper 2 Webpage

  • 15th September 2020