Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

TPB Bas Agent logoThe government has announced the new members of the TPB

An Ex-Big Four Accounting Partner and a Barrister.

We have lost the BAS Agent on the TPB.

Leaving the TPB is Mr Russell Smith, who has served as a very active member of the TPB since its inception in 2009. Russell runs a Bookkeeping/BAS Agent practice with several staff, and has been instrumental in helping the commencement of the BAS Agent regime and helping the three iterations of the TPB (to date) understand and appreciate the BAS Agent regime and how to regulate for the application of the TASA2009 to Bookkeepers.

ICB has appreciated Russell's input and leadership.

We are disappointed that the accounting profession, the legal profession and the financial planning profession all have direct perspectives being provided by the new make-up of the TPB, however the Bookkeeping and BAS Agents no longer have that direct connection through a TPB member. While TPB members are not “representatives” of organisations in their role, it is clear that a person brings their expertise and background to the TPB's discussions. ICB thanks Russell for his positive and productive involvement.

ICB are a recognised professional association under the TASA2009 and accordingly have input and consultation with the TPB. We have an open invitation to contact the Chair Mr Ian Taylor and the Secretariat whenever we or our members seek further interaction with the TPB.

The TPB is the regulatory body that administers the TASA2009 and oversees the registered Tax Agent and BAS Agent regime. Bookkeepers who provide BAS Services are required to be registered with the TPB.


  • 24th July 2017