Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

7 Things You're Looking Forward To
(that you didn't necessarily know you were looking forward to)
By Alistair Nestor, MYOB

Each year, Partner Connect surprises us with its emotion and passion. I’m not sure that an outsider would expect that of a software event, but that’s what happens.

It's the people who attend that bring that passion, of course. With a roomful of the very people who sit at the heart of business in Australia.

Last year was life affirming. What happens this year? Here’s my list of what to watch for:

1 – MC – Michael Crossland

Michael was the hit of Partner Connect 2016. His story moved a room to tears. This year he joins us in Alice Springs only, so there's one chance to experience Michael's joyful, moving take on life.

2 – Keynote – Amanda Gore

This quote gives you an idea of Amanda's impact:

“I have been a member of MDRT for 29 years and have seen some of the best speakers in the world. None have ever received three standing ovations like Amanda Gore.”

President, Million Dollar Round Table

Amanda combines scientific information—based on the latest psychology and neuroscience—with a truly hilarious presentation. You will leave Amanda's presentation feeling connected and inspired to bring joy to your work – every day.

3 – The MYOB Road Map

What's the plan? Where's AccountRight Live heading? What’s next for Essentials?
Is multicurrency coming soon? Why should I care about the MYOB dashboard?

Dale Dixon and friends will explain all.

4 – Meeting Friends, Old and New

One thing I know is that “Partner Connect” is a joyful experience. Partners break from their day-to-day to catch up, compare notes, make plans, laugh, cry, share a drink, and laugh some more.

5 – The Partner Program

It's been a long time coming. It's had to be to make it bulletproof for what's planned!

Now it's here. So what now?

Program Manager, Mereki Nieman, takes you behind the scenes to unlock value in the new partner program (and give you some peeks into what’s to come).

6 – The Team Excursion

Whether it's a day out at the local event, or a long weekend in Alice Springs, “Partner Connect” represents a wonderful opportunity to get away with the team.

A couple of days of intensive learning and information sharing coupled with sightseeing and entertainment. Don't underestimate the impact a trip like this can have on team morale and engagement.

7 – Circles of Success

There is something new for Partner Connect 2017 – Four (4) intensive sessions with your peers and finding opportunities through shared experiences.

This is hands-on, high value content focussing on growth strategies, client transition opportunities, add-on knowledge and more.

MYOB Partner Connect 2017 focusses on your success. Walk away inspired and prepared for what's to come.


  • 21st July, 2017