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ATO upgrades and improvements to myGovID.

As per the ATO website

Improvements were made to myGovID. Update your app to the latest version to take advantage of:

  • Improved name matching, making it easier to verify your identity when you have multiple first or family names or inconsistent special characters across identity documents. For example, if one document has a hyphen or apostrophe but the other does not.

It is important you do not delete the myGovID app if you've had name matching issues when setting up your myGovID. Check your app is the latest version, and see Your name is different to find out how to remove a pending document and check your identity details.

  • more identity documents. You can now use an Australian citizenship certificate or ImmiCard to verify your identity. This means Basic myGovID users may now be eligible to upgrade to Standard identity strength giving them the ability to have more access to government online services.

When your employee has a myGovID with Standard identity strength, you can increase their level of access by creating a new authorisation for them in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

  • 29th October 2020