Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Meet the Candidates

The Board of ICB requires the election of two Directors from March 2020; Mr. John Birse’s 1 year term has expired, and John has indicated he will not nominate for re-election.  Rob Marshall is standing for re-election.

7 Candidates have been nominated for the upcoming ICB Election.

Darren McMahon, Rob Marshall, Chris Rockemer, Rob Boon, Donna Tait, Dai Reynolds, Margaret Whitfield,

(listed order determined by drawing names out of a hat)

Review their introduction to you at the ICB website

Obtain their full nomination information, including answers to such things as:

  • Current Activities
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Experience and Background
  • Software
  • Why they are applying to be a Director?
  • What is their view on the future of Bookkeeping?
  • What do you like about ICB?
  • What does ICB need to change?
  • Why should we appoint them to the Board?

Meet the Candidates

Recorded interviews with each person are available on the Meet the Candidates webpage.

The proposed "meet the candidate webinar" has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.

Voting will be online and open from 4pm Thursday 6th February until 9am Monday 17th Feb.  Voting uses a secure, independant service.  You will receive a unique invitation to vote when the election opens. 

There are two sections of the election: 

  1. confidence in the candidate - you may select all candidates to be suitable, then
  2. allocate up to 2 votes.  You are able to nominate which 2 of the candidates you vote for.

Please forward any questions, concerns suggestion to Celina is the ICB Governance Officer and the ICB Auditors McPhail Partners act as the scutineer.

  • 30th January, 2020