Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Rules have been released

Legislative Instrument available here

To understand the Rules read the Treasury Explanatory Statements - Available here

Awaiting the ATO Guidance

ATO Website update page - Not changed as of 4pm 15th Sept

ATO JobKeeper Landing Page

ICB Comment

The Rules do not contain any significant item that is different to the previous announcements.

We expect teh ATO guidance to be explicit about the Hours calculation and alternate tests for GST Turnover and the decline in Turnover.

NOTE:  JK2 contains two components

  1. The JobKeeper Fair Work Provisions - Business Information Sheet
  2. The JK Payment of the Subsidy - Administered by the ATO - ICB Explains based on the announcement



Refer to ICB Information and Implementation Kit - JobKeeper 2.0

Members Webinar Friday 18th at 1pm on JobKeeper 2 - the Payments system


  • 15 September 2020