Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

An employer or Eligible Business Participant

Must make a monthly declaration to the Commissioner which is also the Submission of the Claim for JobKeeper

Remember:  Payments upto the 27th September are JK 1 and the same process for monthly claim applies as previous months.   You may or may not choose to ensure the employee tier allocation is done at this time.

Employee Tiers must be notified to the ATO before you lodge the October JK 2 Monthly Claim form.

Employee Payments in FN 14 (28 September 2020 to 11 October) & FN 15 (12 October to 25 October) have to be topped up by 31st October and are claimed as the October JK Payments.

Members access resources here

JobKeeper 2.0 Information and Templates

ICB Explains the JK Monthly Claim and Report

ATO Website Guidance around the monthly process

  • Employers reporting through Single Touch Payroll   PDF copy
  • Employers NOT reporting through STP     PDF Copy
  • Sole Traders Monthly Dec     PDF Copy

ATO Website Guidance around setting the tiers for employees   PDF Copy

ICB Recorded Webinars provide explanation of JK 2 Monthly processes

  • "JK 2 Payments from 28 September" from the 43 minute mark - Explaining the Hours
  • Webinar Scheduled for 2nd October will cover the monthly Process - Register here

ICB Monthly Declaration Form

  • Monthly Declaration for October 2020
  • Monthly Declaration for Nov & Dec 2020

Word Templates

  • Monthly Declaration for Oct 2020.docx
  • Monthly Declaration for Nov Dec 2020.docx

Member provided Resource

  • Monthly Reporting Template XLSX   

The actual submission is through ATO online services or website.


When to notify ATO (the tiers for each employee)

Before you can claim a payment for October, you must notify ATO whether the Tier 1 or Tier 2 rate applies to each of your eligible employees, eligible business participant, or eligible religious practitioners.  Software provides this information through STP, or if not using STP - the ATO screens will allow this allocation.

When to notify employees

Within 7 days of notifying the ATO which rate applies, you must also notify each individual in writing of their rate.

You do not need to do this if you are a sole trader claiming for yourself as an eligible business participant.

ICB Template for notification to employee - under development

There is NO ability to save and resume the form.
There is no ability to effectively print the form (at the time of writing).

Claims for October must be lodged by 14 November.

Tiers for each employee and EBPs must be notified to the ATO (3 days) before you lodge the monthly Claim


  • 30 September 2020