Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB has participated with ASBFEO on a number of policy forums and collaborated with Kate Carnell and Craig Latham on behalf of our members and their businesses.

ASBFEO recent acknowledgement to ICB:

On behalf of the Ombudsman we would like to thank you for your participation in the Policy Forum throughout 2019. We hope it has been a successful year for you, your association and your members.

We believe the policy forum has provided a platform for issues to be raised and information to be shared in our endeavour to help small business and family enterprises navigate a challenging year. The business environment continues to evolve and we look forward to collectively being a voice and advocate for a level playing field for small business and family enterprises.

Your help has been invaluable in development of a number of items across this year including:

  • Access to Justice Report phase I and II
  • Development of the ASBFEO ATO Concierge Service
  • Banking Reforms – Banking Code of Practice amendments
  • Unfair Contract Terms – Regulatory Impact Statement on extending protections for small business due by the end of the year
  • Payment Times to Small Business – working with Government on developing an Annual Reporting Framework for large business
  • Reducing Government red tape
  • Online cyber security awareness
  • NBN Issues
  • Small Business digitisation
  • Electricity Prices – Default Market Offer and Energy Made Easy website
  • VET program changes
  • Small Business Fair Dismissal Code – recommendations made to improve the system
  • Fast Fact Sheets – Efficient Invoicing and Single Touch Payroll

We would like to bring to your attention the redevelopment of the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website and the public release of the Beta version for testing and feedback.

The purpose of this release is to share the new consumer site with the public, invite and collect feedback from key stakeholders and real users, and stress-test the platform with real-world use. The site can be accessed through the following link.

Finally we would like to wish you the best for the festive season and a wonderful start for the New Year when we will be in touch for our 2020 work stream.


Bryan Smith
Analyst | Advocacy

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman




  • 18 December 2019