Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB has sought explanation from the TPB about the announced 72hour Complaint resolution process

The TPB announced in their latest newsletter

New 72-hour complaint resolution process

We launched a new 72-hour tax practitioner complaint resolution process this month. When we consider a complaint is appropriate for referral, the tax practitioner will:

  • be asked to engage with the complainant  
  • endeavour to resolve the complaint directly with the complainant; and
  • notify us of the outcome.

Failure to resolve the complaint with the complainant could lead to us taking further action, including an investigation.

ICB has raised an number of questions that arise as a result of the news article and the detail provided in the assocated webpage


The impact on agents is potentially significant and we believe unreasonable.


We note detail is yet to be provided.
It may not be appropriate or feasible for a 3 day turnaround to address and respond to a matter raised with an Agent.  The process as explained to date has placed an enormous burden on a practitioner to redirect time and energy towards what may be a frivolous complaint.
We have proposed an initial step that the TPB, must first engage with the practitioner to understand background that may not have been provided, before any determination to require the 72 hour resolution.
We also requested that if the measure is to proceed that an easy online system for response by the practitioner.


  • 5th April 2019