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Episode 7 of Heart of the Bookkeeper: Brooke Arnott

Episode 7 features an amazing guest who has had to overcome some major challenges and adversities to become one of Australia’s most successful Bookkeepers and innovators in the Bookkeeping space. Brooke Arnott is based in Perth, Western Australia and is the founder and owner of Brookes Books and more recently, the incredibly successful new approach to Bookkeeping and all things that encircle it, known as The Small Business Lounge.

Brooke’s story is one that will empower and inspire you, whether you are simply pedalling away as an employed Bookkeeper or doing the books in your own business, just starting out in your own Bookkeeping practice or have been on the journey for a while and are looking to go to the next step.

Brooke discusses in this episode, her battle to become a Mum, something she had always desired to be and the emotional and difficult IVF journey she had to go on to get there, only to have her partner leave her unexpectedly right when she needed support the most.

Brooke candidly shares her heart as to how she had to resurrect herself at that point to establish her Bookkeeping Business, simply to support herself and her newborn twin girls and how she struggled and had to fight through that time in her life. We also have a look at how Brooke rose from doing “Vegie Maths” in High School to leading the charge here in Australia, to make Bookkeeping “sexy and cool”.

This episode has it all, including Men’s fashion and having tea with the Queen and the best thing you could do right now, is to put on Heart of the Bookkeeper, Episode 7 and be inspired by the fabulous story of Brooke Arnott.

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  • 27th July 2021