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This is a better report on how FWO acts with employers to improve behaviour.

If you are a crooked employer then penalties should apply. This report shows that the FWO revisits those who have been caught and then takes action if you havent got your act together.

As members of ICB providing payroll services and payroll/HR/IR advice to employers ensure you know your expectations, advise employers in writing, connect with Employment Innovations (…/…/Employment-Innovations) to support your HR interpretations and obtain expert advice

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Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker said the results reflected the effectiveness of the agency’s compliance and education activities.

“Once we have identified employers who are breaching the law, we assist them to rectify the situation, educate them about their workplace obligations and provide them with the tools to manage their employees’ pay and entitlements.” 

“We regularly follow up with businesses to ensure they have made the necessary changes to comply with workplace laws. This activity confirms that most employers respond well to initial contact, and we are having a significant impact on long-term behavioural change,” Ms Parker said.

“Any employer found in breach of workplace laws should be aware that we will continue to monitor their compliance and take appropriate action until they meet legal obligations to their employees,” Ms Parker said.

  • 8 November 2018