Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

“The Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Australia agreed last month to work on common approaches to e-invoicing as part of the trans-Tasman Single Economic Market agenda. This will build on the mutual recognition of each country's business identifiers and we anticipate making good progress on this initiative in the coming months.”

“The government is also looking at what support it can create for a business climate where prompt payment of invoices is the norm rather than the exception. Timely payments are essential for good cash-flow, and for small businesses, cash-flow is commonly a number one concern.”

“Businesses can also ensure they are paid in a timely way by making sure invoices are issued promptly and accurately. Incorrect invoices are a common problem. E-invoicing can make a big difference. It automates many processes and allows incorrect invoices to be instantly bounced back to alert a supplier to an error,” Mr Nash says.


  • 3 May 2018