Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB Directors Elections

ICB requires the election of three Directors to the Board from March 2021.

3 Director positions are declared vacant for 2021. Three nominations have been received for those positions:

  • Melissa Foote (re-standing)
  • Colin Walker (appointed in 2020, re-standing)
  • Pamela Taylor

Directors must receive a vote of confidence from at least 50% of members participating in the vote. As there are only 3 candidates for the 3 positions there is no requirement to select between the candidates.

Declarable Interests

All candidates are required to provide details in their nomination information of their interests and involvements in other entities. These should be considered by the members in evaluating the nominations. The existing directors have provided ICB with a schedule of current Declarable Interests which are retained in the Corporate records and are available to members upon request.

Meet the Candidate recorded webinars and information, available here

Directors and Nominees up for Election

Melissa Foote (standing for re-election in 2021)

I have been on the Board now for two years and have enjoyed working with fellow Board members to implement, and work on strategies, to achieve ICB’s vision for the future.

I remain a passionate and engaged advocate for Industry, having worked in this industry for almost 20 years. This is shown in my dedication to industry, education of Industry participants, and in my voluntary roles with ICB.

Being in practice, I can empathise with ICB’s members and the challenges we face in our roles as business advisors, tax practitioners, employers, HR/IR advisor and the separate roles we often take up as business owners.

My true passion is to inspire, educate, mentor and to help others achieve confidence and happiness in all that they do. I like to keep things simple in order to facilitate the fastest change and therefore believe in a no-nonsense approach to business and life.

Most of all, I love to have fun, and this includes in business. Who says work can’t be enjoyable and this is what I would like to promote to members to ensure a healthy work/life balance.

Colin Walker (standing for re-election in 2021)

Colin was invited to join the Board as an independent director in early 2020. Following a year adding value to the Board’s work through bringing his extensive experience to its deliberations, he has been nominated for election in 2021. Colin spent over 45 years working in the Tax Profession before retiring in 2020 in many roles, including 8 years in 17 countries providing in-country tax administration and policy advice whilst with the International Monetary Fund.

From 2002 as an Assistant Commissioner in the ATO, he was responsible at various stages for legislation interpretation, design, implementation of new legislation and in his last 6 years supporting tax and BAS agents and their professional associations in building strong relationships and working together to ensure respectful and supportive relationships between the profession and the ATO. These latter years also saw him leading the digital services for tax and BAS agents. Colin has extensive experience in public administration, running large projects and has been the public face of the ATO in the agent world. Colin has a strong interest in the future of the bookkeeping profession.

Pamela Taylor (nominated for the Board in 2021)

Having been a bookkeeper of nearly 20 years, I feel my knowledge and experience will provide valuable insights and understanding of what it means to be a Professional Bookkeeper for today and into the future. The diversity of my career from employee bookkeeper to sole practitioner, to manager of a large bookkeeping team gives me the understanding of the struggles many of my fellow ICB members may experience.

My understanding of this and my passion to help others succeed aligns beautifully with that of ICB philosophy being Bookkeepers helping Bookkeepers helping Businesses. I wish to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the board if elected to continue the fantastic work ICB has done in promoting the value of Professional Bookkeepers not only to business owners but to other professionals in our industry.


The Online voting system will be enabled from 13th April, and a separate notice will be issued to members via email from our online voting system ‘Election Buddy’. Director election Voting results will be announced during the AGM on the 22nd of April 2021.

  • 31st March 2021