Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Decline in Turnover calculation for an employer, to be eligible for JobKeeper (JK) 2, must be retested based on the Actual Current GST Turnover for the September 2020 Quarter and then again for the December 2020 Quarter.

The Decline in Turnover must be provided only once for each JK extension period.

The required information is provided to the ATO in the Online Form, to declare to the ATO that the employer has met the required decline in Current GST Turnover. 

The employer must have ensured they have enrolled for JK, provided this information and the nomination of employees including which Tier of JK2 payment, must be provided to the ATO by the end of October or, if later, within the first JK fortnight for which the JK subsidy is being sought.

ICB Declaration Template available at our JK 2 Implementation Kit

Decline in Turnover Declaration


  • 5th October 2020