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The stories of advisers being penalised for being “accessories” to underpayments and other breaches of Fair Work laws are a little overstated, but nevertheless the risk is real.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has developed a 30 minute online course to help advisers position their advice, and become aware of where the lines might be with businesses.

Certificate of Completion: Workplace laws for business advisers

Fair Work advises:

If you are a business adviser, the Fair Work Ombudsman can help you give the right advice. This free course equips you with the latest knowledge on:

  • pay
  • record keeping
  • workplace laws

Get expert tips on how to:

  • discuss problems with clients
  • respond to audits
  • manage risk and more.

Start the Workplace laws for business advisers course now.

  • 6 November 2019