Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The following Constitution changes are proposed for consideration by members as part of the 2019 AGM.

The Directors recommend the following changes to the constitution, consistent with the discussions held in 2018 but without sufficient notice for proper consideration by Members and also as a result of clarifications sought and provided by the Tax Practitioners Board review of the revised constitution.

a. Generic terminology change

  • Chairman changed to Chair
  • Chairperson changed to Chair

b. “electronic voting” changed to “electronic or online” for clarity

c. 32(2) a quorum for members meeting is increased to 50 in accordance with members resolution in 2018 and now formalised in the constitution

d. 93(1) altered to specifically refer to the provision of a notice to the “Service Address (specifically including the option for an electronic address or email address)”

e. 93(3) was deleted as it is not possible to have a “Joint” member for the purposes of Members Meetings.  Formerly:  “A notice may be given by the Company to joint members by giving the notice to the joint member first named in the Register”

Current Constitution

Proposed Marked Up Constitution

Proposed Clean copy Constitution

  • 6th February, 2019