Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

New TPAR record and lodgment functions

The ATO has made some enhancements to Online Services and have now added a save and resume function to the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) function. This makes it easier to save your work if you need to complete it later.

You can now save a draft TPAR and pick up where you left off before finalising your lodgement. Agents can now also access lodgment receipts and check the date you reported a TPAR Non-lodgment advice. When preparing lodgment, instead of selecting submit select save and exit. Then return by selecting resume to edit and/or lodge.

To lodge the TPAR there are several options:

  • Business accounting software with TPAR functionality
  • The ATO’s Business Portal using the TPAR online form
  • myGov account (individuals and sole traders only) using the TPAR online form
  • A registered tax or BAS agent.


  • 29th October 2020